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One African descent woman using cell phone outdoors in park.

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The elections have been ridden with outside influences. From Russia staying in the news since 2016 to social media ads/spam on all major social media platforms, it’s been impossible to escape. But, what many consumers don’t know is that they were targeting a specific set of individuals that activate themselves every election cycle, black women.

According to a report released by Stop Online Violence Against Women, 3,500 ads were bought by the Russian Internet Research on Facebook. Now, that may not seem like a lot to a social media platform that surpassed 1 billion users this past October, those ads were directed at black identity and culture.

Ryan Cameron Uncensored took this topic head on and got professional insight from Yalanda Lattimore, founder of Dryer Buzz, and Shirleen Mitchell, founder of Stop Online Violence Against Women to break this all down, what happens moving forward, and how do we protect ourselves.


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