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This topic has the whole city buzzing: Should a sex robot brothel open in Houston?

ABC 13 reports, that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is not a fan of the idea. “This is not the business I endorse,” he said.

According to the station, the business would fall under the “adult arcade and adult mini theaters ordinance.” And there is “an ordinance dealing with arcades. It places restrictions on where these businesses can be and what you can do inside of these business,” Turner said.

On Wednesday, city council will vote on the new verbiage under the “adult arcade and adult mini theaters ordinance” where it will include, in part, “Arcade device shall also mean an anthropomorphic device or object that is utilized for entertainment with one or more persons,” reports ABC 13.

The owner of Kinky Dolls, Yuval Gavriel, told the station that he and his partners knew they would have to “face the challenge of justifying such a business.”

Gavriel says he runs a successful sex-bot shop in Toronto. He claims it could be great for the city of Houston and even help clean up prostitution, reports the station.

“To buy somebody’s body, that’s the most disgusting thing I could ever think of. So why don’t we let those people have a different option?” he told ABC.

Mayor Turner is adamantly against the facility, “I don’t want to lose business, but every now and then, it’s OK for a business to go someplace else,” he said.



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