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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood picks back up with Bridget’s London interview fallout. Bridget is trying to calm Teairra down but she doesn’t want to be bothered. Bridget confronts Brooke about bogarting her interview in the first place and Brooke

offers Bridget a disingenuous apology but she really could care less . Nikki jumps in defending Brooke, and tells Bridget to hire a better PR team.

No one really seems to care that what Brooke did was trash. However, they still move past it. Teairra Mari comes out of the room to join them but then she and Moniece get into it. Moniece tells her to go back to rehab and…

That riles TT up too. Plus, she’s also mad because Moniece didn’t tell her that her friend hooked up with Akbar. This conversation happens in front of the other girls so they add their input (that no one asked for), which only annoys Moniece even more and makes her feel ganged up on.

We all knew this trip was going to be drama though.

Back in Hollywood, A1 and Lyrica try to force their mothers to get on the same page for the sake of their impending child. So, they got them a beach house for the weekend and force their moms to be roommates while they stay at a beach house down the street. It already doesn’t start off well because we already know these moms’ beef is on sight. They immediately start roasting each other as soon as they see each other. Hold that thought.

Back in London, the ladies try to keep it classy by going to an English High Tea and learn how to drink it with the pinky up, but you know how well these ladies and class go together.

These bird brains start playing a game of “Never Have Ever” and Brooke asks Nikki if it’s true that she slept with Solo Lucci. Nikki says she didn’t and is pissed off that this rumor is even out there. Then Moniece jumps in and calls Brooke out on her endless messiness, especially because she or someone in general usually pulls this type of stuff when they’re in settings under the pretense of unity. It’s always uncalled for but then again, there’d be no show if they didn’t work so hard.

Back at the beach house, Lyrica G initiates a surprisingly talk with Pam. There is some back and forth at first. It’s the usual, your son did this, your daughter did that, but they eventually manage to get on the same page and even go kick it on the beach! But don’t hold your breath. More on this in a second.

Now we’re back in London at Bridget’s show. Brooke performs new music and reconnects with her fans across the pond. La’Britney opens for her and that part goes well. The ladies kick it after the show and Nikki decides to leave them and go back home. She’s tight from the high tea drama and the general drama and would just rather be with her family in LA. At least she knows they’re not going to gang up on her.

The episode winds down with the aunties (Lyrica G and Pam) back on the beach. Things go downhill swiftly when Pam mentions she wants to get a DNA test. Lyrica G gets offended and says this is a low blow, especially since she was supposed to have moved past this. Pam says she just needs assurance, which makes sense because A1 and Lyrica were separated for a couple of weeks, talking about getting a divorce and these rumors swirling are heavy. But Lyrica G ain’t trying to hear that so she rides for her daughter. Eventually, they start bickering back and forth, you know how they do, and then Pam tries to swing on Lyrica G and all hell breaks loose. That good Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood security keeps them from putting the paws on each other but it doesn’t matter. They get right back to calling each other all kinds of b—hes and h–s and this beef is back to on sight status.


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