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We’ve heard people make a lot of excuses for their racism, but this story takes the cake!

An Alabama school board member is under fire for writing racist posts on her Facebook page. The reasoning behind her words? Let her tell it, it’s all former First Lady Michelle Obama and kneeling athletes like Colin Kaepernick’s fault.

According to, Donna Pike, a member of the Jefferson County School Board, recently shared a meme about Obama-administration senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, calling her a Muslim.

When local activist Carlos Chaverst saw the meme Pike posted on June 1, he made sure to attend a school board meeting held on Tuesday (June 12). noted that “Chaverst showed a packed conference room images of not only that post, but others showing Pike supported Roseanne Barr, who once referred to Jarrett as an ‘ape’ on Twitter.”

“She’s not a Muslim; she’s an American,” Chaverst told the members of the board about Jarrett.

As Pike tried to shoo Chaverst away with her hand, he refused to back down.

“She’s a racist, and if you stand with her, guess that makes you one, too. Everybody in this room, you have an obligation to stand up for these children and do what’s right. She is an elected official! I have a parent here who has children in Jefferson County Schools that is getting ready to pull her kids out of the school system because of you, Miss Donna Pike. And you don’t care!” he exclaimed.

Pike admitted that she did share the posts, but only did so to show the hypocrisy of what people can get away with that people like Roseanne Barr cannot.

“I shared it, and I’m not sorry I did, and I meant it because it shows hypocrisy in our country. Some people can get away with it and some people can’t. It was not racist,” she told the room.

Later, Pike said she did not agree with what Roseanne said, but if Roseanne got fired, then others should be fired, too. Ironically, she never clarifies who those “others” are.

Another meme she posted accuses Mrs. Obama of basically hating her country.

“Another thing about Michelle Obama … I don’t care one way or the other,” Pike said. “I have a disabled veteran that’s a daughter and I have a son that’s a veteran. And for her not to salute the flag, if you’ll look at the picture, was offensive to me. Now, will I apologize for that? Never.”

Now, this photo was debunked by The Root, who found a picture of our Forever FLOTUS putting her hand over her heart during the anthem. But of course, Pike fell for the fake news, defending her nonsense.

Sadly, Pike wasn’t done. She also blamed athletes for sharing another offensive post.

“It was not shared because I’m a racist,” Pike explained before going in on the national anthem protests.

“It was shared because … I’ll tell you another thing: I won’t watch the NFL because I’m tired of people kneeling instead of people saluting our flag. Let me get that out there. If that’s racist, then so be it.”

OK, Donna.

Superintendent Craig Pouncey tried to explain to Pike why her posts could be problematic to parents concerned about their child’s education. Taking no accountability for her own actions, Pike accused Pouncey of trying to get her booted from the board. She also started crying that she felt attacked by Chaverst, who caught her off guard.

However, Pouncey wasn’t having it.

“Today, the board all said they were fine hearing from Mr. Chaverst, including Mrs. Pike I believe.  After hearing from him, most of them made thoughtful comments about what was said,” he wrote in a statement, reported.

He added: “I do not think it is appropriate for any board member to post the Facebook posts that were shown to us today under any circumstances. I believe it is offensive to many that we serve and it is divisive speech that, although she has every right to engage in, she is ultimately responsible for.  It does not reflect my beliefs or serve as a reflection of the district that I serve and I am 100 percent certain that it does not reflect the opinion of the other four board members who serve with her.”

Pike has since removed the posts from her Facebook page.


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