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Martin Luther King Jr

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Hello my name is Miss. Pooh and I will be teaching class today. 🙂 How well do we really know about Dr. King besides his civil rights legacy? I’ve found (and fact checked) five facts that may surprise you.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. was initially named Michael, not Martin. After a trip his father took to Germany he changed his name to Martin Luther to pay homage to a historic theologian named Martin Luther. When King Jr was two Sr. changed his sons name as well.
  2. King Jr. skipped the 9th and 11th grade in high school and went on to attend Moorehouse College at the age of 15 . He majored in sociology.
  3. He went to jail nearly 30 times for acts of civil disobedience.
  4. King to date is the youngest male to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 at the age of 35.
  5. Today over 700 streets in the U.S are named after Martin Luther King Jr. with one street in almost every major city! Not counting schools, monuments and churches that follow.

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