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Rosa Parks Gets Fingerprinted

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On December 5th 1955 the first large scale protest against segregation was born. That Movement will forever be known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama on December 1st, 1955, it sparked an entire revolution that would change America forever. The Montgomery Bus Boycott took place from December 5th 1955 to December 20, 1956, and from it rose a young pastor named Martin Luther King Jr, who would also change the world. These facts are usually what we remember about the Montgomery Bus Boycott, but there are plenty of things you may not know.

1.  15 year old Claudette Colvin was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to give up her bus seat a whole nine months before Rosa Parks, but because she was pregnant black leaders thought she wasn’t a good representation of the cause.

2. Rosa Parks was a former secretary of the local chapter of the NAACP. She spent a good portion of he life fighting for the cause.

3.  Besides sitting in the back of the bus, Bus drivers also required their black passengers to pay at the front of the bus, get off and reenter the bus by the rear door.

4. More than 50,000 bus riders in Montgomery, Alabama alone participated in the boycott.

5.  75% of all bus passengers in Montgomery were African American in 1955.

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