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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta finally reintroduces us to reality TV vet, Eva Marcille. You know her from America’s Next Top Model. And like on ANTM, she’s going to be messy boots, but hold that thought. The episode starts with Porsha and Kim kicking it at Porsha’s house, enjoying some vegan cuisine. The point of this is that Porsha needed someone to spill the tea with about how Kenya acted a fool in Houston.


Cynthia has a date with Will at her lake house. They have a romantic lunch over sushi, but the heart of this conversation is what their relationship status is. Cynthia hits will with the “What are we doing?” question. Basically, Will says they’re not exclusive but at the same time, he wants a family and wants to focus on Cynthia seriously at some point. Cynthia makes it a little awkward when she reveals she’s on a dating site. We hear a record scratching in the distance for a sec, Will recovers from that ego blow, even though he is taken aback by that comment, but he keeps it mature by respecting her wishes to continue doing her. He tells her to get it out of her system and then let him know what’s up when she’s serious. For now it’s all just fun and games…until somebody starts catching feelings or at the very least, hears some messy gossip about someone else.


It’s coming.

Anyway, it turns out that Eva Marcille is Nene’s friend. They know each other from LA, but haven’t seen each other in a while. Now that Eva is back in Atlanta, they decide to catch up because they’re good friends…for now. You know being friends with Nene means that there is a falling out in your future at some point.



Eva has a new politician boo, Michael Sterling (he ran for mayor of Atlanta last year but dropped out of the race), and she feels like Atlanta is a fresh start for her.

The main event is Kandi’s celebration party for her Essence Magazine cover (and to announce that she landed the Matron Mama Morton roll in Chicago on Broadway) and everyone is invited. Even Porsha shows up, offers her congrats and even though Kandi keeps her distance, the moment isn’t as awkward as you would have thought. Kandi graciously accepts the compliment and keeps it moving. Even Kenya comes through as if she never had that ridiculous meltdown last week. Cynthia’s boo Will is there too, and here’s where the drama comes in.

When Eve arrives and sees will, she alleges that she went out with him and another woman (on a double date) and he introduced her to the woman as his girlfriend and mentioned how said girlfriend was so good with his daughter. This allegedly happened four days before it came out that he was dating Cynthia. The ladies are gossiping about this of course and decide to tell Cynthia because it’s always appropriate to reveal things like this at someone else’s party.


First, Eva ends up telling Cynthia herself. Then Kenya, elsewhere, tells Will what Eva. He denies that he has a girlfriend. Then Cynthia confronts him and tells him she doesn’t want to date him if he has a girlfriend. Then Eva joins their conversation. Will gets upset and says he was just trying to support she and her man on his mayoral campaigning and that she’s making this up. Eva says she’s not making this up (which is believable) and it’s his word versus hers, but remember, Kandi got con man vibes from him so there could be something to that. He backtracks a bit and says that the woman was his woman then, but they’re not dating anymore. The thing is, earlier he said he didn’t introduce her as his girlfriend and we flashback to when he told Cynthia that he had been single for 2.5 years, but campaign trail was last year, which would mean that the date was last year.



And that’s where we are right now.

Next week, Cynthia is going to come to tears. It’s still at this party, so it cold be due to this situation, but you never know because Peter was also at Kandi’s event and you know that’s another level of awkward, but I digress.


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