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Soooo remember how lames James R said Sophia Body could stay with him on last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York? She took him up on that offer. In the opening scene of tonight’s episode, we find her cooking brunch. In related news, the dog will be fine and will have the surgery, but it’s expensive and of course, James R says he’s going to take care if it. All the while…Sophia is claiming that this doesn’t mean that James R is her boyfriend.


After Sophia makes that declaration, James R says she’s playing hard to get, and then they share a kiss.



Anyway, Jonathan is getting played by his boyfriend but refuses to see it. In this scene, he’s begging the man who is obviously disinterested but not being honest to give him more time. Hold that thought because this is about to get real.

Remy and Papoose finally go to a fertility doctor and find out that they’re good candidates (Remy’s eggs are still viable and Papoose’s boys are swimming just fine). We’ll be following this, most likely on their spinoff show. Looks like the waters were tested with their holiday special, but I digress.

Juju has decided to turn her book, Secrets of a Jewel, into a play and she wants Safaree and Bianca to audition. Later on, both show up and show out. Safaree especially does the most (as usual), but it actually works. Looks like they’ll be getting callbacks.

Back to Jonathan. So, tries to surprise Trent (his boyfriend) at the recording studio where he usually records, and where said he’d be having a session that night. Luckily for Jonathan, Anais is with him for moral support when he finds out that Trent isn’t even booked that night. Jonathan is obviously pissed but at least he has Anais, who puts the battery in his back to go nuts.

Later on, we find out that Jonthan has been catfishing, and he lures Trent to a date. You can imagine that Trent is shocked to see Jonathan and not Raul from Grand Concourse (in the Bronx). Jonathan immediately going off on Trent, but Trent walks away just as calm and as unbothered as he can be, so Jonathan follows to let off more insults before finally being done.

Now we’re at James R’s video release party. Remember the video that he shot that featured Sophia Body? The one that caused all the drama? Yeah, this is that. The first thing we see in this scene is James R telling one of he and Jaquae’s mutual friends how he and Sophia have gotten a lot closer.


He is way too thirsty about this. Anyway, speaking of Jaquae, he actually pops up to the party with Snoop and DJ Self. You know how people on this franchise love showing up for people they don’t like. You also know how these gatherings always end up. Eventually, James R starts giving a speech about the video. Snoop and Jaquae start heckling him of course, and then Snoop actually runs up on him after he says something smart. She gets kicked out. Then James gets back on the mic and starts antagonizing Jaquae, but we get left hanging. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to get physical this time because security steps in, but this is only the beginning of the drama at this party because Mariahlynn plans to roll up too to show off her new Doctor Miami-certified breast implants, but you already know she acts like an angry cassowary so this is going to go all the way left.


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