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Atlanta has an appetite for “something different;” and while lots of us stick to our normal dietary regimen of wing shacks and fish spots, our thriving and maturing city has become a “cultural melting pot”  that hungers for the arts, better politics, and of course, cuisine that can only be found in such diversity as Atlanta. While Southern food will always be our speciality, we can rest assured that a few spots around Atlanta have got the concept of “diverse cuisine” defined perfectly.

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Malls are still in existence in the Atlanta area (which is definitely not the case in other cities), but with a lack of them intown, what Atlanta has come to learn is that people still want a variety of places to eat in one location…enter the 21st Century Food Court. There are a few places around town that the average Atlantan could stop in for a variety of crafts, clothing, books, or anything else that you could’ve found in a mall, but they aren’t called “malls” anymore…instead they’re known as “markets.” We have a few markets around town that provide goods and services, similar to a mall, and all underneath one roof, including Ponce City Market, Krog Street Market, and the classically evergreen Sweet Auburn Curb Market; and like a mall, these places are full of consumers that have shopped themselves into a hunger frenzy, and they have replied with an abundance of offers sure to please anyone’s palette.

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If you’re craving a burger, then you could swing by Krog Street Market and choose a “Burger Stack,” from the critically acclaimed Fred’s Meat and Bread (Fred’s recently had their burger stack featured at the top of a national burger-tasting list), among many other delectable sandwiches and fries on their menu. If you’re craving Italian cuisine, you don’t have to leave Ponce City Market, because they have a couple of selections of great Italian options for you to choose from, including the bustling Bellina Alimentari, where their pastas are cooked seemingly perfect every time. Like the food courts of yore, if you walk through any of these places, there are plenty of other cultural delights that perfume the halls of these markets, waiting for you to search for them!


Regardless of how you feel about the debate of OTP vs. ITP, Atlanta knows that in order to get a great meal, sometimes one has to leave the perimeter to venture into the neighboring suburbs of Metropolitan Atlanta for such findings. Particularly, people of Atlanta know that when looking for an international oasis, there is one or several that awaits anyone that makes that trip up Buford Highway (BuHi). Driving up BuHi is an experience unlike any other with their rows of neon signs, and multiple cultures expressed right next door to each other; whether you’re choosing the best dim sum from Canton House, or traditional-style tacos served up with the juiciest steak at El Rey Del Taco, a trip up BuHi is necessary for the cultural survival of any resident of this city.

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Atlanta is quite possibly known most for having an equal number of churches and strip clubs per capita in the entire metro area. With that being said those people who attend either of those establishments are known to be fed and happy before leaving! Moving churches aside in this conversation (no offense to Jesus), we want to particularly focus on the culinary popularity of strip clubs around town. To be frank, not every strip club in Atlanta is going to satisfy your {stomach’s} appetite, as some don’t even have a kitchen; however, there are strip club veterans who can tell you that the best meal that they’ve ever tasted was in the four walls of a local “shoe model emporium.” Sea bass, surf & turf, and lamb chops are just some of the options offered by the award-winning kitchen at the upscale Cheetah, or you can indulge in the T-bone steak special offered at Oasis Goodtimes Emporium; but either way, the next time you pay a visit to your local Atlanta strip club, bring an appetite (and a few dollar bills) with you!

 Words by: Jarrett Milton

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