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The NRA & The Republicans support bump stop regulations

Semiautomatic handgun

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Surprising news from the NRA and Republicans they are supporting regulations on bump stop devices.  Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used bump stop devices to allow 12 of his rifles to functions like automatic weapons and fire up to 800 rounds per minute, that explains why Stephen Paddock was able to kill so many so quickly.  In DC, House Speaker Paul Ryan talked about those regulations.

” We all know and believe that fully auto weapons are illegal and so is this a big gap that needs to be closed, and if so how to close it.”-Paul Ryan


Current poll numbers for the Atlanta Mayoral Race

Georgia state capital

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Political analyst are looking at 11 Alive’s new poll numbers for the Atlanta Mayor’s Race.  Mary Norwood is leading right now she has 28 % of voter support,  Keisha Lance Bottoms has 15% and Ceasar Mitchell has 10 %. You get to hear from top Mayoral candidates next Wednesday at Georgia Tech.  Urban 1 is teaming up with 11 Alive, AARP and One Hundred Black Men of Atlanta


Tropical storm Nate heads to U.S. gulf coast

Hurricane Igor Turns West-northwest

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Tropical storm Nate is in the Caribbean Sea churning in wide open waters and getting stronger as it moves towards the Gulf and targeting the Mississippi/Louisiana coast.  After it makes landfall the storm system will move southeast towards Georgia, it’s still early but the weather maps predict that this weekend Georgia weather conditions will consist of strong winds up to 40 mph and heavy down pours consisting of 1-3 inches of rain.