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Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is back for the fourth time. Episode 401 opens with Keyshia Cole. We’ve long heard that she has joined the cast thanks to #theBlogs, but now we finally get to see it. She’s working on her music and making a comeback, but you know what show this is. We’re also about to get a glimpse of  the drama between she and Booby Gibson, who are separated, but living together and dealing with a lot of baggage from him cheating on her to trying to figure out how to co-parent successfully.

Hazel E is back and just as thirsty as ever. She is trying really hard to convince everyone that she’s the bomb. She has a new boo that’s a rapper on the come up. His name is Ron Rose Burgundy, and he’s 10 years younger than her.


In other news, she’s no longer cool with Teairra since Teairra is friends with her enemies (Moniece and Masika), and she’s planning an event later on. You know what that means–a showdown with uninvited guests.

Moniece takes a page from Mimi and Margeaux’s respective play books by becoming an overnight lesbian. As a matter of fact, she’s actually dating a woman that favors Merica so we’ll call her Merica 2 until her name sticks.

There are a few messy new additions this season. There’s Zell, a self-described celebrity stylist who says he gets all the tea, and he’s flamboyant af, and there’s also Alexis Skyy, one of Fetty Wap’s exes, who has beef with Masika. Alexis Skyy’s story (as told to Nikki and Hazel E) is that she left Fetty Wap because he cheated on her with Masika, who got pregnant, as we know.

Basically, these are matches waiting for some gasoline to drippity drop on to the flame.


Mona Scott-Young also dug up Brooke Valentine. Remember the ‘Girl Fight’ song that popped for a hot second about 10 years ago? That’s her. She’s all grown up and trying to make a musical comeback, and she has also met the love of her life–Marcus Black, another musician who claims he wants to marry her.


How long before you think his sidepiece(s) pop up? It’s good you’re in that mindframe because Brooke meets his mother later on in the episode and surprisingly, his mom is sane (you know how moms on this franchise do), but she drops tea. She says her son is not ready for marriage because he’s still married to his wife.


Brooke confronts him later on and it’s the same story, different creep. He tells Brooke that he plans to get divorced (despite previously lying to her about being divorced) and he’s working on it with a paralegal. He also claims he hasn’t been with his wife in two years. Brooke feigns anger and falls for his game anyway (he loved her so much that he lied because he didn’t want to lose her).


And now we’re at Hazel E’s party. She shows up in a helicopter because, thirst bucket. And as predicted, Moniece and Masika, who don’t like Hazel, decide to show up anyway with Zell to be messy. Hazel E performs while Moniece, Masika and Zell heckle her. The heckling  is uncalled for, but you know what it is. Hazel confronts them later, drinks get thrown and eventually the haters get escorted out.

The episode concludes with Nikki, Hazel and Alexis walking up in some club type spot only to find Zell, Moniece and Merica 2 chillin. Nikki and Zell immediately start going in on each other. Apparently Zell has been talking trash about Nikki and she’s not with it. Alexis jumps in demanding to know where “Hosika” is (since that’s his friend). Zell holds it down for his girl with the smart remarks, which causes Alexis to throw drinks, a kitchen sink and other objects at him.

This is only the beginning. There’s still Fizz, Safaree, Ray J and Princess Love and so many more Hollywood Ratchets to get to next week! 


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