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National HIV Testing Day

Testing Blood for HIV/AIDS

Source: Allan Tannenbaum / Getty

Today is National HIV Testing Day.  African Americans continue to be effected by HIV.  Blacks account for 50 % of new cases.  Free HIV Testing is going on at the Mall at the West End today from 11 am -8 pm, and Walgreen’s has free testing at more than 230 locations around the country.



Gas Prices Reach Record Low’s

Gas Station with lights on and mini-mart at dusk in Central GA

Source: Visions of America / Getty

Gas prices are dropping, the average in Atlanta for regular unleaded gas is around $2.14 a gallon.  AAA says June gas price haven’t been this low since 2005.



President Trump’s travel ban policy

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University

Source: Win McNamee / Getty


The U.S. Supreme court is letting President Trump enforce most of his travel ban on people coming in from 6 Muslim countries.  The Supreme Court overturned lower court orders that blocked the travel ban.  The Supreme court, however does allow foreigners with credible claim to enter the country.  For example, people with a job, family or attending a university are exempt from the travel ban.