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Tonight’s episode of the The Not Young and the Ratchet Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks up from the fall out of Stevie’s attempt to mediate a peace talk between his daughters and Joseline. Remember, his daughters walked out on Joseline because things started to get heated. Plus, Joseline never apologized and then started trying to play the victim. Stevie’s daughters love Bonnie Bella, but just can’t get with Joseline, and Stevie totally understands. The three of them decide to leave Joseline with her crazy, and scene.

Tammy stops by to visit Tommie, who wasn’t in Jamaica because she’s probably on parole, to fill her in on what went down. What comes out of this discussion is that Tommie is open to having a peace talk with Jessica Dime, especially after hearing about how Dime dragged Treasure, their common enemy. But you know how moderated discussions always go in the Love and Hip-Hop universe.


Jasmine, is getting the DNA test situation taken care of with Logan. While Kirk, a 50-year-old man who still says “smash,” decides to meet with his lawyer. He doesn’t get the test yet, but he says that when he does, it will be on his own terms (because he doesn’t want to risk Jasmine trying to tamper with the test lol). During the discussion with Kirk’s lawyer, Kirk finally admits that he was giving Jasmine money just in case the baby is his and pretty much as hush money.

Kirk claims he doesn’t want a divorce, by the way.

Perhaps Captain Obvious should give him the memo that  you shouldn’t cheat on your wife, dummy!


We’ve arrived at the Tommie and Jessica Dimes ill-fated peace talk, co-moderated by Rasheeda and Tammy. It starts off well, but let’s cut to the chase, it ends in shambles. Dime reads too deeply into tom something Tommie said and starts getting froggy. They end up trying to claw each others eyes out, but security swooped in and handled the fracas swiftly.

Mimi’s gets the tea from Stevie’s daughter, Savannah, about everything that has been going on. They’re all annoyed that Stevie is allowing toxic Joseline back into his life. Later on, Mimi confronts Stevie about the drama, and we find out that Joseline and Stevie aren’t speaking, again.


Mimi also reveals that she’s not able to take out her melodramatic protective order against Joseline for Eva’s sake because according to the law, Eva would have had to have been physically harmed for it to go into effect. Welp.

Rasheeda’s two older kids (biological son, and stepdaughter) lure her to the woods where they ambush her with Kirk as some sort of messed up surprise. Basically the kids naively still want them to stay together and think it’s a good idea for them to “talk things out”—as if all of this is just a small misunderstanding.


Rasheeda is annoyingly calm through all of this and humors Kirk with conversation. Basically, Kirk hands her a separation agreement and tells her that he’s giving her the option for an official separation and that while he doesn’t want a divorce, he wants to give her the power to make a decision because “he doesn’t want to drag her into his drama,” and that she can have everything. Whatever. He hasn’t taken the test yet and it’s Rasheeda’s mom, Shirleen, who steps up and goes off on Kirk the way Rasheeda should have. Shirleen and Kirk start arguing and Kirk still refuses to hold himself accountable for his actions. What else is new?


We pick up from the rest of their argument next week. There are two episodes left so perhaps we’ll have to wait until to reunion to find out whether Kirk fathered Jasmine’s baby or not.


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