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Rachel Lindsay is still searching for Mr. Right, but many of her suitors are too busy fighting with each other to establish a relationship with her.

This episode of The Bachelorette opened and closed with Kenny and Lee facing off.

We thought Blake E. and the Whaboom guy were an unbearable rivalry, but Kenny and Lee are taking the cake.

Kenny keeps trying to approach Lee with some integrity, but he fails to realize that Lee is not playing the game with integrity. At all. Lee is drinking like a fish and plotting ways to knock Kenny out of the game, and the best thing Kenny can do for himself is give Lee some distance and deprive him of any ammunition for his schemes.

Unfortunately, Kenny didn’t do that. Kenny never does that. He even made

Jack and Rachel had their 1-on-1, but the chemistry does not seem to be there. Logistically, they match up pretty well: They do the same kind of work and they live in the same area. On paper, it makes all the sense in the world, but the connection wasn’t there.

They had a great time on their date, but when he went in for a kiss, it was awkward to watch. He was into it, and she wasn’t. During their private dinner, Rachel she sent him home because the romantic connection was not there. But she’s not looking for another friend, she’s looking for a husband, and she didn’t see it in him.

It was a tough decision for Rachel to make, but it made the gravity of her situation a bit more concrete. She opted to skip the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, and that left Iggy a wee bit shook.

There was still the hope that he might survive another round, but Rahcel sent him and kept Lee.

It’s a little disappointing to see Iggy go because he really didn’t get the chance to focus on his relationship with Rachel. Of course, a lot of that is his own fault because he spent so much time talking about other guys.

After making her cuts in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Rachel took the guys out to Oslo, Norway. The guys were amazed by their surroundings, but they didn’t have long to let the wonder sink in before Rachel whisked Bryan off for some alone time to explore the city.

While Rachel and Bryan have great physical chemistry, she’s trying to figure out if the emotional foundation necessary for a relationship is there. She’s not all in on Bryan just yet, and a lot of that is due to her feeling like he might be too good to be true.

During their date they bonded on an adventure, and they had fun. However, she got what she was looking for during dinner, when they each spoke about their past. They both grew up a bit awkward and that colors how they think about their relationships and their partners.

Back at the house, Eric was questioning why only one of the Black suitors had gotten a 1-on-1 date with Rachel. He suspects that shey may not be primarily interested in Black men. Anthony, who is the only Black suitor to get the 1-on-1 date from Rachel, doesn’t quite see it that way. In his mind, she isn’t giving them any extra points for being Black and she’s judging them on the same scale as the White suitors. Translation: You have to do more than just be Black to gain Rachel’s favor. Work needs to be put in.

Rachel did say she wants the guys to put some effort into wooing her. And Eric had the oppotunity to put that knowledge to work during the group.

Rachel had the guys play some handball, which is Norway’s national sport. Peter got a handful of Rachel, but that did not win him the game. The title of MVP went to Will (such a cutie!), and that gave Rachel the opportunity to get to know him a little better.

Will shared that he went through heart break right around the same time that Rachel got dumped by Nick. They spoke about how they learned to move on, but the conversation as a whole sparked more of her interest in him.

Josiah, on the other hand, laid it on THICK when he spent time with Rachel. He told her that he believes she’s the woman God means for him, but Rachel was beginning to see that he’s not really invested in finding out more about her.

Rachel wasn’t so easily distracted by all of the flattery. She pointed out that he doesn’t really take time to listen to her or even ask questions about her. And thinking back about his time on the show, she’s right. He seems to like her stats on paper.

Private time with Peter went much better, but it wasn’t good enough to get him the date rose. Despite all the time they spent steaming it up in the hot tub, Rachel still gave the date rose to Will. This caused Lee to reconsider his relationship with Rachel, and I can’t blame him!

Will got the date rose, and it was well-earned. But, in Peter’s situation, most people would be salty.

All that was left, was Rachel’s sure-to-be-disastrous 2-on-1 date with Kenny and Lee. She and the producers must have thought the best way to diffuse the tension between those two and get to the bottom of things was to take them out together. Because apparently that seemed like a good idea. It was not.

The guys in the house (and audience members who have heard about his political and racial views) were hoping that Rachel would be smart enough to send Lee home. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced she can see through Lee’s BS. She seems to put way too much stock into what he says, and he definitely uses some coded language to color her view of him and to get under his skin.

Much of their time together was spent talking about his run-ins with Lee. Kenny owned up to his fault, but he did his best to also communicate his intentions to reconnect with Rachel.

Lee spent the majority of his time reporting on Kenny and taking no responsibility for his part in their drama. He didn’t waste any time reporting on him. Kenny might lose his cool at times, but at least he’s not a conniving snake.

Here’s where Kenny messed up (again): He spoke to Lee when they were left sitting on their own. It would have been better for him to just keep quiet because no good ever comes from talking with Lee no matter what his intentions are.

Unfortunately, Rachel called Kenny away for more questioning, and he could barely contain his anger. That didn’t do much to help his case. When Rachel went off to do some thinking, Kenny went back to have a word with Lee. This probably won’t end well for him .

Preferably, Rachel will send both of these guys home. We won’t fin out about who survives the 2-on-1 until Tuesday night.


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