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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta finds the crew enjoying their last day in Jamaica. However, Mimi discovers (via phone call from Eva) that Stevie J had Eva around Joseline. You know how Mimi feels about this so of course, it’s no surprise that this news is Earth-shattering enough for Mimi to end her last day early. Later on, she confronts Stevie about this and threatens to get a protective order.

Dramatic much?


Back in the A, there’s still the Kirk DNA drama. Rod and Logan, Jasmine’s ex, link up to discuss the baby in question. Rod believes Jasmine’s side of the story at first, which is that Logan is a stalker who is lying, but then Logan presents information that gets Rod thinking that he could potentially be telling to truth about his relationship with Jasmine, but you still never know.  Later on, Rod presents Jasmine with a store bought DNA test, which they could have done much sooner, and now we wait for the answers.


In related news, Joseline decided not to move to Miami, and she wants to work with Stevie on her music again. This is when Stevie reveals that he started working with Estelita, the Panamanian Goddess, and it goes exactly how you think. According to Joseline, there can be only one Latina star.


Hopefully the two of them never meet…but you know they will one day. Someone will be catching hands.

Anyway, Joseline then presents Stevie with a ring because she wants to them to work things out in their romantic relationship–it’s basically a proposal. Stevie says they can take things one day at a time, like a sucka. He also agrees to terminate Estelita’s contract.


If Joseline is such the “bad b” she claims, why is she so insecure about Stevie working with other artists?Then again, there is that old saying, “How you catch them is how you keep them.”


This newfound peace between Joseline and Stevie is going to be a major issue for Mimi and Stevie’s daughters, who hate Joseline (for valid reasons).

Jessica Dime has a listening party, but the crux of this event is actually Estelita and Karlie Redd’s beef (started by Karlie). They face off and it starts well when Karlie Redd initiates an apology for her stankness. She claims she acted the way she did because she’s always in the middle of Stevie and Joseline’s relationship whenever he brings a new “artist” around. Estelita makes perfect sense when she tells Karlie that she doesn’t have to put herself in the middle of anything that doesn’t pertain to her, and this is all it takes for Karlie to flip a tray of food on Estelita, doing the most for camera time.


Yeah, this is dumb, but being a bird is what Karlie Redd does. Never forget:


Stevie tries to patch things up between Joseline and his daughters by moderating their peace talk. Joseline starts off by apologizing to his daughters for generally acting like a jerk (talking smack about them on Instagram). Things go left swiftly when Joseline starts crying and claiming they don’t own up to their ish, but that she does–basically, she’s trying to deflect. Then she starts blaming Stevie for “making” her get an abortion…


Stevie’s daughters are wondering what the heck this has to do with the tea in China, and the oldest says she’s tired of Joseline’s BS and starts going off on her. She gets so frustrated that she leaves before she does something drastic like punch Joseline in the face.

We end on that note, but hopefully next week we finally find out if Kirk is the father in this drawn-out-longer-than-necessary paternity saga.


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