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Tamar Braxton is explaining how she and Toya Wright went from being good girlfriends to agitated enemies.

When Tamar reached out to Tiny Harris in friendship to apologize, she allegedly slung some shade at Toya, too. While Tamar didn’t mention Toya by name in her post on Instagram, the coded language struck a nerve, and Toya went off on Tamar.

The public was aware that there had been some tension between the two after Toya went on The Real following Tamar’s dismissal from the show. Most assumed that Tamar felt betrayed by Toya, but she told Atlanta’s V103 that their beef has very little to do with that.

“It wasn’t about that show. And it wasn’t about the things that Toya was saying,” Tamar told Big Tigger, explaining that she was far more upset with Toya had been hiding her true feelings.

While Toya never spoke with Tamar about their falling out, she supposedly had no problem telling everyone else that they were not on goof terms. “She’s been going on media tours and wrote a book about how she felt I was a horrible friend,” Tamar revealed, adding that she felt blindsided by the news. “That was hurtful to me because that was the first time I’ve seen it. It was on a radio station. I didn’t know that we weren’t friends.”

Supposedly, Toya also accused Tamar of keeping her off of The Real. Tamar argued that, as the talent, she had no so say over who gets to be a featured guest. Even if she had known Toya wanted to make an appearance, she didn’t have the power to get her a seat at the table.

“When I was on that show, she never reached out to me and said she wanted to be on the show,” Tamar said. “Come to find out, she got upset because I didn’t post her last book but I don’t have to tell you Tigger, they don’t want you to tweet about or Instagram about certain things. That’s in your contract. Especially when you work for a corporation.

She continued, “You have to run certain things by them. They didn’t really dig it. I told her what they said. I guess she didn’t believe me or want to believe me.”

Tamar then took the opportunity to speak to Toya directly.

“Toya, if you’re listening baby, I have absolutely no reason to stop you from getting your shine on. I want you to win. I love you,” she said. “And for me not to extend those blessings to my friends, which I do, that would be horrible for me. I’m not even that kind of person.”


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