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If you’re following a healthy nutrition plan and exercising daily, it can be SO frustrating when you step on the scale and the number goes UP. Fortunately, there are reasonable explanations for this phenomenon. Here’s a few:

  1. You’re weighing yourself at the wrong time of day. If you’ve just had a meal or have been drinking a ton of water, your weight could be off by as much as 5-10 pounds! Instead of picking random days to weigh yourself, choose one day at a specific time of day and track your progress from week to week.
  2. You’re gaining muscle. Strength training (especially with HEAVY weights) leads to tears in your muscle fibers and often resulting in inflammation. After training, the nutrients you eat are shuttled to your muscles for “repair” causing them to enlarge. But don’t worry, improving your muscle mass is a GOOD thing, as the more muscle you have increases your fat burning potential.

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