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Two Howard University campus police officers and their supervisor were fired for dumping a woman from a wheelchair onto a sidewalk in front of Howard University Hospital last month and leaving her there, reports the Washington Post.

A video from earlier in the month shows a male officer wheeling a female patient along Georgia Avenue and emptying the chair, where the woman’s legs fling in the air as she comes out of it. Another male officer and a female officer watch as the barefoot woman plummets to the sidewalk and all three African American officers simply walk away. The female guard appears to say, “Leave her there,” at a bus stop.

One witness could he heard saying, “What the freak is going on here?

In a statement Tuesday, the university said, “Howard University has worked diligently and swiftly to investigate this matter. To date, our findings have resulted in decisive action, including the dismissal of three of the individuals involved. We are continuing with our training efforts to ensure this never happens again.”

According to Metropolitan Campus Police Officers Union President Gabriel Adegoke, Tuesday’s firings included the male and female officers and the supervisor who ordered the patient be taken from the hospital. The second male officer was not fired.

Adegoke said the female patient was brought to the hospital by ambulance and became “agitated.” She reportedly refused treatment and was discharged; officers were assigned to escort her out.

They didn’t have no other choice but to take her out to Georgia Avenue,” Adegoke said to the Post. “This is something that just got out of hand.”

SOURCE: The Washington Post


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