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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9

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The Real Housewives Atlanta Reunion Special has been steadily building to the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Phaedra finally getting put on front street after the lies she spread get exposed. The end of tonight’s episode finally gets there, but then leaves us hanging until next week. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some good moments.

Tonight is the night that the men join. Peter, Todd and Bob came through to help their respective women rehash the drama. First up is Bob joking about his abusive behavior.

He apologizes to Sheree, but you wonder if he really gets it. Sheree says she has been down this road with him, but she thinks he’s definitely embarrassed, if nothing else, due to the negative feedback he got online. The sad thing is, neither he nor Sheree have spoken to their children about this. Bob thinks it’s his duty to talk to the kids, especially Kairo. Let us hope these conversations that need to happen have a therapist present.


Peter is there to talk about he and Cynthia’s situation, but no one cares. Peter is still in unrequited love with Cynthia, but they’re done. The best part about Peter’s presence is that he called out Porsha and Phaedra for being frauds. It started with Porsha talking about the babynup situation with her man, Todd, but Peter asks her why Todd didn’t show up for her. Porsha claimed that Todd didn’t show up for her because they’re off, but Peter is there for Cynthia, his ex-wife. So, yeah. Anyway, the insinuation is that Porsha went the Kenya route and paid Todd to be on the show for the sake of her storyline. Either way, Porsha maintains that there’s nothing fake about her situation, but Peter got so irritated that he just stormed off.  His thing is, he’s done with the drama, for real, for real since he’s no longer with Cynthia.


Anyway, else get the sense that he’ll be back in some capacity?

Finally, we get to the crux of the night, Porsha and Phaedra’s messiness. Shamea came on and called Phaedra out for starting the rumor that she and Kandi were in a relationship and if you recall, Porsha was the the one who took Phaedra’s seeds and started to spread them. That’s how she got caught up in this mess in the first place, and guess what? Porsha actually kind of admitted that she never should have run her mouth, but that’s not all. Phaedra pretty much had nothing to say when she got called out. She’s a terrible liar, she back peddled as per usual, and once again we’re all wondering how the heck she’s even a lawyer. Kandi called Porsha out again for actually coming on to her that night in question (with help from Todd). Porsha got so backed into a corner that she started copping pleas. She mentioned that because she’s in the world of journalism, you know, Dish Nation, that she always checks her sources.

Yes, she implied that she’s a journalist.


Y’all know she’s about as bright as a broken light bulb.

Anyway, she said she had a solid source about the whole drugging situation. That source was Phaedra. Phony Phae Phae, Phraudra, Fakedra—whatever you want to call her—made up the lie about Kandi and Todd allegedly trying to drug Porsha, and Porsha, being who she is, just took it at face value.


A mess.

Kandi, and everyone else, is visibly upset and we end on that note.

Next week, we’re going to see Kandi go all the way off, and rightfully so.


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