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Part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Reunion picks up from last week, where Porsha was having a moment over her therapy. The question raised was did she actually go? Kandi revealed that she believes Porsha went solely for cameras (that seems to be the general sentiment) and that set off a back and forth between Porsha and Kandi. Porsha and Phaedra feel like everyone else bullies Porsha, but Porsha and Phaedra live in a universe full of alternative facts.


Kenya’s drama with her actor bae Matt comes up. The question is, why would she stick around throughout his violent behavior? Kenya said he started off a nice guy, but when he started displaying his anger she didn’t initially equate that with abuse and just stuck around thinking he’d never turn it on her and then believing that he’d actually get better.The other women don’t take her situation with Matt seriously. A viewer basically laid out the elephant in the room by asking when is she going to stop hiring actors to play her boyfriend. Matt even mentioned that he was hired by Kenya who denies this, but then we remember Walter. Anyway, Kenya says she’s over Matt and then Andy reveals that she actually has a new boo.


Phaedra claims she’s officially divorced from Apollo and even presented the papers that are fake…allegedly (according to rumors on the blogs). Kandi and Phaedra go back and forth about who did what to who and who’s shadier. Phaedra is shadier, but she doesn’t see it that way, of course. As if Helping Johnnie Winston with his lawsuit against Kandi isn’t the worst.


The crux of the evening is Sheree and Bob Whitfield’s relationship situation, because it’s serious and despite a lot of the fluff on this show, this is the situation that needs attention. Remember,  Bob appeared more on this show this season, nine years after their divorce. He said he had changed and that he wanted Sheree to give him a second chance at love. Sheree considered giving him another shot of love until he proved the old adage that a leopard won’t change its spots to be true. Remember the jokes he made in the car about throwing her through the windshield and how Sheree broke down in tears remembering the abuse in their relationship? Even Kenya and Phaedra were dang near speechless in that moment.

Sheree got teary-eyed again tonight and revealed that she never would have talked about any of this if it had never come up. Sheree wanted to protect her family, especially her children rom seeing this and admitted that she felt ashamed because she portrays herself to be a strong woman but allowing herself to be hurt by someone like this makes her look weak. The other women assure her that the abuse wasn’t her fault and that sharing this may have saved someone else.

Sheree admitted that every now and then she does encounter women who say they’ve gone through the same thing. For once, Sheree, who tends to put on a pretensious air is humanized and it’s appreciated. We watch reality TV for entertainment, but also to get the real and unfortunately, most of what we get is contrived storylines.

Sheree is the real MVP for finally letting her guard down.

But next week, we delve more into Phaedra’s web of lies and manipulation.


Who’s here for it?


By the way, the men will be joining the women on stage.


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