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When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, the scale doesn’t always tell the full story. In fact, you weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds per day depending on water retention and other factors. According to Strong Lifts, here are ways to track our progress for efficiently:

  • Stop Weighing Yourself Daily. The daily fluctuations will mess with your motivation. Weigh yourself once every 2 weeks, not more.
  • Stop Looking in The Mirror. Self-image issues can skew perception. Shoot full body pictures and compare them with old ones.
  • Take Measurements. Girth measurements of your neck, chest, arms, waist & thighs. Waist should go down, rest should go up.
  • Shoot Pictures. Full body pictures from ankle to neck, front/back/side, every 2 weeks. Compare with your previous pics.
  • Strength Stats. Log your workouts. Strength going up means muscle gains and strength training prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Listen also to what people say. They’ll notice your body change more than you will. Clothes will start to feel differently too.