Super Bowl LI Previews

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Houston’s Super Bowl became the first Super Bowl in history that ever hit overtime. This was an excitement for the views as much as it was for Fox executives.
The extra four minutes of last night’s Super Bowl game earned an estimated $20 million for Fox in additional commercials.
A couple of the commercials that aired during OT weren’t previously viewed one, they were a Proactive with Olivia Munn and SoFi.
The rates for advertising were about $5 million per commercial and the longer the game lasted the more Fox executives made.
The Fox executives got lucky during the World Series Game 7 in November too because of the game went into extra innings.
The advertising spots didn’t for the World Series were $500,000 instead of $5 million like the Super Bowl charge, but it didn’t matter because the executives still made a killing during the World Series games.

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