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Tonight on part one of the Love and Hip-Hop Reunion Smack Down got real. As usual, the gang came back to wrap up unfinished business and some people had problems with keeping their hands to themselves. It’s cool though, because security was immaculate!

Nina Parker hosted and tried to get to the bottom of everything from season seven. These are the highlights:

Cardi B is cool and all, but she acted like a bully and that is not okay.  Basically, we revisited the Swift, Cardi B and Asia saga. Remember, Swift had a girlfriend, Asia, in London while leading Cardi B on in New York and when Asia found out, she flew to New York to confront Swift and all hell broke loose. Cardi B snatched her own wig off and attacked her. Fast forward to the reunion…

Asia is there to try to have a mature conversation about what went down, but Cardi B starts popping off immediately and it’s not a good look. Security kept Cardi from laying hands on Asia, but they were too slow when Cardi managed to throw a shoe at her. It hit pretty hard too and almost turned into an all out brawl, but it was calmed down.


Surprisingly, Asia kept her cool throughout all of this, but Cardi kept turning up. Eventually, Swift rightfully apologized to Asia for his behavior and Cardi just kept antagonizing her by sitting on Swift’s lap and making goofy faces. Cardi B is wild, but this was not one of her best moments. She’s usually the one claiming to be against bullying (like when she got her teeth done because she was tired of people talking smack about them), but tonight was not a good look.



Cisco gets another opportunity to address his shady behavior toward the Creep Squad. He rehashes being mad that they made some business moves without him on the Creep Squad clothing line that no one is going to buy. Instead of talking it out, he just made revenge moves, which is all the pettiness we saw this season.


Cisco tried to get his moment to pop off on Rich, and Nina Parker almost got trampled in the process, but once again security had that handled. Anyway, the only thing that’s resolved here is that Cisco finally gave Peter that 10 stacks he owed him (and Peter gave it right to Tara, because word on the street is, they’re back together again).

Snoop and J. Adrienne are still broken up. J. Adrienne went into hysterics while rehashing why she was so possessive and crazy over Snoop. Her explanation goes nowhere, but it’s obvious why they’re not together, and there’s probably a strong chance that they won’t return next season because, boring.


Pap and Remy relived their miscarriage tragedy and brought everyone to tears. However, the good news for them is, they still have a chance of having a baby via in vitro or even a surrogate. Remy and Pap were brave to share their story and they certainly deserve their baby (and a spinoff show).


Finally, we get to the Yandy and Mendeecees’ Babymamas Saga. The crux of this tale is that Erika is still calling Yandy a liar, but Nina got Mendeecees on the phone to clarify the timelines with each babymama. He admitted to cheating on Samantha with Erika, but Erika’s timeline with Yandy is off. Basically, he was with Erika for a hot second, kinda sorta, because they never even said the L word to each other. He and Erika broke up, he then moved on to another serious relationship. That relationship broke up and he ended up with Yandy. He and Yandy took a break for a hot second and he slid back to Erika. He and Erika had unprotected sex one time and conceived Asim. Once he got back with Yandy, everyone else was cut off. Mendeecees’ story seemed to check out. Erika still got aggie and tried to push the narrative that they were lying, and the audience even booed her this time, because she really just looked thirsty and like she was reaching.


Then Kimbella got involved and she and Erika almost came to blows. Then the subject of Kim’s heart attack came up. Yandy and Judy pulled out tiny violins because they felt she exaggerated it. Kim got pissed and started popping off (which, it’s important to note that she does pop off often for someone who nearly had a heart attack) and then another major brawl goes down where Mendeecees’ sister gets involved, and even Yandy got up (trying to pretend she’s going to do something) and all hell broke loose again.

One time for security. Hopefully they were compensated well.

Part two is next week, and it gets even more hectic.


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