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Black career women are often times labeled that they don’t know how to “submit” to a man because they are so used to “running” everything and so much of this is untrue. While having lunch today, this topic arose in the break room and we found the perfect video to explain the real reason why black woman won’t submit to just “any” black man.

It’s from relationship host Wood and what we love about it most is that he is a brother sharing a very accurate perspective.

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Wood Law #137 : If she won’t submit, maybe you ain’t shhh. Or at least she doesn’t think you are. She reneged and didn’t follow suit because you weren’t suited. She doesn’t submit or stopped submitting because you don’t have quality leadership to submit to.

I just had a vigorous debate about women being submissive to men and how black women are in the state that they are in because they are unwilling to submit. I call BS on every facet of that argument. It’s not even about gender roles. People will voluntarily “submit” to who and what they recognize as a leader. It doesn’t matter whether it relationships, an organization, a boss, or personal goals. Respect, credibility, dominance (not dictatorship), and creating/ adding value are the reasons why anyone truly submits to anything.

If you have to tell someone you’re a leader, you are not one.

People submit to leadership… Not species. People will submit to what they deem to be at or above their level, not below.

Know your worth. Show your worth. Demand your worth. Only then will people respect your worth.

Furthermore, if you’re going to use the bible to justify your position you need to be in alignment with ALL of its teachings and positions. You can’t pick & choose.

That’s just doing to our women what slave masters did to all of us.Tighten up lil’ man. Tighten up.

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