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On Tuesday afternoon Louisiana and the city of New Orleans specifically, were ravaged by a tornado that left incredible damage and jeopardized residents that happened to be in its wake. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards officially declared a state of emergency as thousands were left without power and severely damaged homes.

CBS News has the full report of the horrible situation in New Orleans that turned a regular Tuesday afternoon into complete devastation. In addition to several power lines being down, there are also reports of homes being completely ripped from their foundation, leaving many local residents homeless.

CBS affiliate WWL-TV in New Orleans shared the National Weather Service report of just how serious the tornado was and how it would impact local residents, stating:

The National Weather Service said that the dangerous tornado was down in New Orleans East at 11:33 a.m. The tornado is part of a large weather system that was sweeping through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama — over 2.5 million people were in the storm’s path, CBS News’ David Begnaud reports.   

At least three tornadoes have touched down – one in the eastern part of New Orleans, another near the town of Donaldsonville and another in the town of Killian, said Danielle Manning, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

New Orleans city officials also say that currently about 10,000 local residents are reportedly without power and there have also been complaints of gas leaks in the area. Police Chief Michael Harrison warned residents to stay off the roads and other affected areas. Local patrols are conducting home searches to make sure no one’s trapped by falling debris or other damage, Harrison said. In addition to the New Orleans patrol dealing with long process of removing downed trees from the roads, The Red Cross is also helping out any residents who are in need of care.

We here at HB are keeping the residents in the state of Louisiana in our prayers.


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