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A White Macon, Georgia woman who expressed concerns about “bad Blacks” in her neighborhood was arrested Monday for shooting a Black teenager in the head as he and friends walked by her house, WMAZ-TV reports.

Authorities charged Elisabeth Faye Cannon, 47, with two counts of aggravated assault for shooting 15-year-old Vernon Marcus Jr., who was seriously injured. Cannon posted $12,400 bond and was released from jail.

Cannon told WMAZ-TV that she has a message for neighbors: “I’m not an evil person or a bad person.”

She told the news outlet that a group of teens had been throwing rocks at her property for months, causing damage to her home and vehicle. Cannon said she complained multiple times to the police, but the attacks continued.

Her intention was to fire her gun to scare the teens away. “Maybe it wasn’t the best decision to make, but I thought eventually they might hurt us,” she told WMAZ-TV.

The Macon Telegraph reported that one of the teens said they were walking home from a local convenience store when gunfire rang out and Marcus was hit. He told investigators that Cannon had harassed them in the past, accusing them of breaking into her house, and hurling racial slurs at them.

In 2013, The Telegraph interviewed Cannon as part of a series of articles on conditions in some Macon neighborhoods.

Cannon shared with the newspaper that she had safety concerns—making a distinction between what she viewed as two types of African-Americans living in her neighborhood:

“…The good Blacks won’t get onto the bad Blacks. You try not to profile, but at the same time 99.9 percent of the crime is gonna be, most often, a Black male. … The good Blacks are too busy.”

SOURCE: WMAZ-TV, Macon Telegraph


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