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Eye rolls and snickers, snaps, raised brows and fierce hair flips. When it comes to shade, NeNe’s Leakes is exalted by a higher power. To properly celebrate the beloved reality TV star, actress and new boutique owner, who turned 49 today, we put together some everyday life scenarios and our reactions in NeNe gifs.

When your girlfriend texts you and tells you to log onto Facebook for some good tea

When your friend catches you staring at grey sweatpants

When BAE tries to defend why he followed his ex after you told him to block her

When your friend says she’s leaving her boyfriend for real this time

When you’re drunk flirting with BAE from across the room

When your co-worker asks if you’re going to drink at the Christmas party after last year’s fiasco

When your ex slides into your DMs and offers to take you out on a date

When your friend snaps the perfect picture of you and it’s good enough to be a profile photo

When someone asks if your hair is a wig

When you have to delete your White friend on Facebook because they voted for Trump


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