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Subject: Sleepy loving

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 27 year-old married woman. My wonderful husband is 31 years old. We have an amazing sex life, but here’s the problem… He’s a sleep walker, a sleep talker, and a sleep sexer. Now the sleep sex is AMAZING! It’s 10 times more intense and could go on for as long as 3 hours. The thing is, he never remembers the next morning and he asks questions like “Why am I naked?” when he wakes up. I must confess that for some of these sleep sex sessions, I might have accidentally slipped him some Nyquil in his juice before bedtime. Now I’ve become addicted to the sleep sex. Should I confess to my husband about the Nyquil and his performance while he’s sleep, or should I let it go? Should I even go as far as to confess that I enjoy his sleep sex over his regular sex? I need your advice.


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