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How To Get Away With Murder

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder opens with Annalise in jail talking to Bonnie. Bonnie confirms that she isn’t the “anonymous source” who put her in the slammer, but vows to find out who it is.

Cut to a week prior to that. Bonnie wakes Annalise up to tell her that Frank is back and then we cut to Frank’s visit to Laurel. He tells Laurel that he’s in love with her and tries to cop a plea. Laurel is pissed at him and basically tells him to go play in traffic—not in those words, but that’s the gist of it. Bonnie and Annalise call Laurel to find out if she’s with Frank and Annalise tells Laurel to tell Frank that she’ll kill him if he comes near her home.


Wes gets subpoenaed to testify against Charles Mahoney, which means that Annalise has to spring another plan in action to try to keep Wes safe and to get the charges against Charles to stick.

More on that later.

Bonnie stops by Laurel’s place to find Frank, and informs him that Annalise needs his help. You know what that means! TROUBLE!


Later on, Frank ends up spying on the woman they decided to use as the fall woman. It just so happens to be the woman who paid Frank to sell out Annalise back when she was pregnant.

Frank got the goods on that woman he was following, and even called Bonnie to let her know that he was in her home—basically about to take things too far. He was waiting for her to come home with her daughter and you know—eye for an eye type deal. However, Annalise butted in to the phone call to basically tell him to cut the crap and to keep his murderous paws to himself. He was surprised to hear that Annalise was with Bonnie and hung up. We get nervous for a second, thinking that Frank was about to kill the woman, but he didn’t, after all. He called Bonnie to let her know that he left the house, but then Bonnie told him to go back in the house because it’s what Annalise needs. WTF! Annalise walked back in the room just as Bonnie was finishing up the call with Frank, and asked her if he had left the house. Bonnie lied to Annalise and told her that he did.


Here we find Wes testifying in court against his father’s son, Charles Mahoney. Charles Mahoney has an alibi, but Wes is going hard with the lie that he saw Charles at the scene of the crime. Charles’ alibi is where Bonnie’s lie came in. Basically, it appeared as if Frank was only supposed to be gathering info, but instead he went back into the house, not to kill, but to call Charles’ burner cell from the woman’s home phone in what became a chain of events to maker her look like she was complicit with Charles in the murder and to cast doubt on Charles’ alibi. In other words, this is revenge.

The moment finally came when Annalise came face to face with Frank. He explained how Sam told him not to tell her what he had done back then because she’d eventually get better, but we also know that Sam was a world class jerk so of course he’d have that take on things. Annalise told Frank that she never got better (thanks Captain Obvious), broke down in tears and verbally went in on him. Frank then said he’d fix it, and put a gun to his head. Bonnie walked in as Annalise was about to watch Frank kill himself and screamed for him not to do it while Annalise screamed for him to do it.


We don’t know if he pulled the trigger yet because now we’re back to the present, with Annalise in prison, and then we cut to Oliver, asking Bonnie who got flame broiled. He thinks it’s Connor, but that’s when we cut to Connor in bed with that dude Oliver was dating. So, basically, Connor isn’t dead because he was busy being petty. What we do know now is that the unidentified body belongs to a man. Is it Frank? Hmmm…

We will finally find out next week.


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