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How will the balance of power be affected after Donald Trump’s election?

In the final months of the 2016 election, Trump was at odds with establishment Republicans who publicly said they would not support him. Will Trump’s election lead to a greater split within the GOP?

The rift within the party does not stop there. The president-elect has an agenda of entitlement that stands in stark opposition to the beliefs of a conservative House of Representatives.

Roland Martin asked his panel of guests on Tuesday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now: “What happens when you have a Tea Party Freedom Caucus who is about fiscal restraint and you have Donald Trump, who is talking about massive spending?”

Liz Copeland, Founding President of the Urban Conservative Project, Inc., said, “When it comes to fiscal constraints, they’re going to have a bit of a fight, but his (Donald Trump’s) election really was a mandate, especially within the Republican Party. 

Shermichael Singleton, Republican Political Consultant at Singleton Strategies, LLC, questioned if Paul Ryan will be re-elected as Speaker of the House and Martin pondered whether Sen. Mitch McConnell will remain Senate Majority Leader.

Copeland believes Trump will rely on McConnell and Ryan to draft his policy initiatives.

When the conversation shifted to Obamacare, Martin asked if Trump will be able to repeal it. According to the NewsOne Now host, there are over 20 million individuals who now have medical coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Singleton does not believe Republicans will say “screw the 20 million plus people who we’ve covered, screw people with pre-existing conditions, we’re just going to completely scrap it – we’re not worried about those people.”

Joe Williams, Senior Editor of U.S. News and World Report, disagreed with Singleton and said, “Donald Trump has a mandate to repeal and replace Obamacare – item number two after building a wall.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss how the balance of power will be impacted by a Trump presidency in the video clip above.


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