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According to WSB-TV four out of five schools in Dekalb County tested positive for lead presence in their drinking water. To prevent children from being further exposed, the schools have shut off water to the fountains that tested positive.

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Dr. Laura S Neely, school principal, and the superintendent jumped into action at Kittredge Magnet School when they found out.

“The school district has shut those sources off. We have signage. They started repairs and replacements,” Kittredge Magnet School’s principal Neely said.

“We are prepared, if necessary, to close an entire school as far as water access and then we will bring in daily, if necessary bottled water,” DeKalb County Schools superintendent Dr. Stephen Green said.

Superintendent Green says it probably will not come to that, but this is a serious situation.

District officials stated that any water source that tests at or above EPA guidelines gets a failed test result.

More testing is in progress for Dekalb County schools.

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