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Subject: He’s Not Ours, He’s Mine

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been friends with my best friend for over 10 years, we’re both approaching 30 and are at different places in our lives.  I have a live in boyfriend and we have a son together.  She is single with no kids and has been for 3 years.  Although we live in different states we visit one another throughout the year.  The issue that I’m having is that when she visits me she is extremely flirty with my boyfriend.  Hugging, sitting on his lap, playful banter etc.  While I don’t see her as a threat and I am 100% certain it’s innocent, it still irritates me.  I talked about the issue with my boyfriend who also notices her behavior but it’s awkward for I’m to not accept a friendly hug or push her off his lap when she plops down unexpectedly.  At this point I’m not sure what to say to her to avoid hurting her feelings or making her feel bad about it.  But if nothing changes it will cause strain on our friendship.  So, what can I say to her or what advice can I give my boyfriend to politely disengage her?  She is an extremely sensitive person.


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