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There has been a trend lately of celebrities going “makeup free.” It’s been championed by Alicia Keys and supported by many other celebs, including both Sanaa Lathan and Kim Kardashian. Gabrielle Union mentioned the movement during a makeup free Snapchat.

You see it in hashtags: #NoMakeupChallenge.

Even Kendrick Lamar pleaded for it, “No makeup today…”

I know she bout to ask me how she look

I tell her beautiful, and how long it took

For you to put it on

It was early in the morn’

She resembled a model out of a Mac book

Concentrating on the way the eyeliner thickens

I stand behind her and try to figure her vision

Of prettiness, the wittiness, of colors on her skin tone

Her complexion in a direction I’ve outgrown

Damn girl, why so much?

~ Kendrick Lamar, “No Make-up (Her Vice)”

…and I’m here for it.

In an age where we celebrate the “beat face” and contouring till our nose look like we’ve seen a plastic surgeon, it’s nice to celebrate the other side of the makeup spectrum.

Presentability politics are weaved all throughout our societal behaviors and norms. How to look, what to wear, what to look for this occasion. Billion dollar industries have been created off the physical insecurities of women. So, a wave of women with a platform clapping back at what they should do and how they should look should be refreshing, BUT it’s not…

….because it’s a LIE.

No makeup means no makeup. Light makeup is light makeup but should not be called a no makeup look, if you are wearing, well, makeup.

There’s a huge elephant in the room with this no makeup movement and it’s setting us back from the very goals we are trying to achieve. Don’t boast about not wearing makeup, when you are.

Again, we are setting women up to attempt to achieve something that isn’t possible. No, she didn’t wake up like this. It’s like when people deny photoshop. It’s no different than saying “#nofilter” on Instagram when we all know that you used ‘Rise,’ girl. Almost no one over 21 lacks bags under their eyes. So when these celebs claim to be in no makeup, when there is really a dab of concealer and tinted moisturizer, it’s problematic. Call a spade a spade.

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Alicia Keys’ makeup artist (the irony), Dotti, spoke to W Magazine and talked about the stars’ beauty routine.

While she praised practices encouraging work from the inside out (a healthy diet) and a rigorous skincare routine (serums, masks, and moisturizers)…that dewy look below…there’s makeup. Dotti, her makeup artist, reveals using faux eyelashes, brow definer and self-tanning serums.

Alicia Keys

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Kim Kardashian boasting she’s makeup free at Balenciaga. How many of us truly believe if we put a makeup wipe to that face, nothing but nature’s daily grime would come off?

I’m not shaming women who choose to wear makeup or women who don’t. I’m disappointed in those that lie about it. Whatever you choose to do, just be real about it.

Wake up, flawless…and confident. Under eye bags, slight discoloration and all.


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