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Fans and former co-stars alike were shocked and saddened last week with the news that Tommy Ford, of the hit TV show Martin, had passed away from complications of a stomach aneurysm. All of his co-stars from the show have shared beautiful sentiments about working with him and how nice of a person he was and today they all got together to lay their friend to rest at his funeral.

Tichina Arnold, who famously played Pamela James on Martin and was Tommy’s former love interest on the show, posted a picture to Instagram today that featured herself, Tisha Campbell (who played Gina) and Carl Payne (who played Cole) in a photo together that featured a touching caption.

Sensing that social media would jump all over the fact that the series star of Martin, Martin Lawrence, was not in the group photo, Tichina addressed it right in her caption. She states, “…And PLEASE don’t ask “Where’s Martin?..” he was there too…just not in this picture. Lol! God bless you all. As you all may remember, a large part of the reason the show ended was because of Tisha Campbell’s allegations of sexual harassment against Martin Lawrence, which resulted in filing a restraining order. Perhaps this is why he was not included in the photo.

Nevertheless, it was lovely that they all came together to honor someone who made all of us laugh every week on one of the funniest shows of all time. Tommy Ford unfortunately may not be here with us anymore physically, but his memory will definitely live on in the hilarious Martin reruns.

You can check out the photo Tichina Arnold posted BELOW:


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