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With the election just weeks away, Priorities USA, a group supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is rolling out a new radio ad specifically targeting African-American voters.

The pro-Clinton ad, titled “Enough,” details the racially charged rhetoric Donald Trump often uses to drum up support. Narrated by Jeff Johnson, the ad proclaims, “Donald Trump, we’ve had enough, and now we’ll vote to make sure you never become our president.”

During Thursday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin asked his panel whether they believe the advertisement will be effective.

Gianno Caldwell, Senior Contributor to Red Alert Politics, called it “powerful,” but explained we have not really seen similar ads “really move the needle” as it relates to polling data.

He said the shift has been a reaction to the “revelations of these new tapes that we see her (Hillary Clinton) move the needle,” but explained the ad will help with Clinton’s enthusiasm gap, as well as encourage Black voters to go to the polls in several locales.

Caldwell continued, “It’s just that this election cycle has been so unconventional and we don’t really know what the outcome is going to be. We assume that Donald Trump is going to lose, but we don’t know if people are going to show up to the polls.”  

NewsOne Now panelist Amber J. Phillips, Co-Director of BLACK, told Martin since the beginning of Trump’s campaign, “people have aligned him with White supremacists” and highlighted the businessman-turned-politician’s blatant disrespect of African-Americans.

She took particular issue with the way Trump is “referring to us as a monolith – as the African-Americans who all live on the same street where gun violence is happening every day.

Things are trickling on top of Donald Trump and I look forward to Republicans not just saying that they are upset with him, but actually voting for their values to ensure that he’s not leading our country,” she concluded.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the new Priorities USA ad targeting African-American voters in the video clip above.


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