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Subject: I’m satisfied with a married man

Hello Steve and Shirley, I’ve been divorced for 10 years and I’ve dated since then, but can’t catch a break. All I met was married men, so I decided to test one out, just to see why he wanted to cheat on his wife. This particular man was very honest and upfront and said he just wanted someone to have great conversation with. We had a lot in common, like our love for football, so we went out one Sunday afternoon to watch a game. We had a great time and as we left, he pulled me close and gave me the most passionate kiss. Afterwards, he texted me to apologize and he said he couldn’t get me out of his mind and he felt guilty. He said he wanted to see me again, so I invited him to my super bowl party. That evening, it happened… he looked me in my eyes, caressed my face, we started kissing and it was the best sex ever! I’m sad to say that 5 years later, we’re still seeing each other. I’ve gotten so comfortable not having to date or worry about meeting a man. When he comes over, we spend time together, then he goes home and that’s it. Recently, I met a new man and thought I had found Mr. Right. I told my married man about the new man and he got jealous, but told me that he was happy for me. After 3 months of dating the new guy, I found out that he was living with someone because his woman called me. I told my married man about the ordeal and the breakup, and he was there to comfort me. Now he is saying he’s ready to leave his wife, but I told him it’s not fair to her. He told me he does not understand what I want. He’s ready to let her go and now I am confused. Why I am so comfortable with our arrangement. Is something wrong with me?


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