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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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Last season we ended Empire with a fight to the death between Rhonda and Anika. It was Rhonda who went tumbling over the railing. Andre grabbed Boo Boo Kitty by the throat, she started screaming, frantic about what happened, which snapped him out of it, but then we heard a gush of water spilling on the floor and you know what that means. Her water broke six weeks early. Anika’s baby made it, and it turns out she had a girl. Lucious was pissed that she lied about the sex of the baby.

In related Lucious news, he’s still awful and his sons still hate him. On the work front, Lucious is dealing with a goon from his past. Shyne, the producer busted up Hakeem’s studio session and made it quite clear that his niece needs a record deal and he needs to be part of the Empire in-house production team. Lucious tried to play hardball, but Shyne balled back. He has dirt on Lucious and he flexed his thugged out sensibilities by beating up the original producer, and making it clear that he will be down with Empire Records, moving forward.

Tariq, the fed/Lucious half-brother got Cookie’s sisters on board with trying to take Lucious down. Now they have to convince Cookie to be a part of the team too, but she’s not with it. Tariq wants to prove that Lucious only married Anika so she won’t testify against him. But instead, Cookie told Lucious that he has to move Anika in to his home to make their situation look legit. Cookie and her blind loyalty.


Lucious might have a plan of his own, though. He caught Tariq lurking around his mansion and invited him over for dinner.


Cut to the family dinner with Tariq as the guest of honor. It was as dysfunctional as you would have imagined. Tariq basically went around the table and started antagonizing everyone. He was trying to poke everyone by reminding them about all the messed up things Lucious did to them, but it didn’t work. Despite the fact that Lucious deserves what he gets, the Lyons just aren’t going out like that. In fact, Tariq actually almost caught fade from Jamal.


At the end of the episode, we got a quick glimpse of Andre talking to Rhonda…who just died. Yup, he’s about to have a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, Lucious is sitting up in the nursery talking to his granddaughter/daughter about how everything he did was for his family’s legacy and that hell is gonna get dark. Inviting Tariq over was a bad idea because he got a teddy bear outfitted with a camera in the house and it’s set up in the nursery.

Then again, could this be what Lucious was banking on? I guess we’ll find out!


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