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Subject: I want my kidney back

Dear Steve and Shirley, I have a good friend that I’ve known for 11 years. Five years ago, she went into renal (kidney) failure and was on dialysis for three years. It was hard on her and she needed a kidney transplant. Her three healthy siblings refused to be tested to see if they were a match for her kidney transplant. My friend was still young and had her whole life ahead of her, but she was in a bad way, so I agreed to be tested. After several procedures it was determined I was a “close enough” match, so we decided to go for it. She was scared to death right before the surgery, but I comforted her and convinced her that she would be glad once it was all over. So, she and I had the surgery… I donated one of my kidneys to my friend and the surgery was a success. Now 18 months later, I have not seen or heard from her since the day after the surgery. I called her a few times to make sure she was doing well. She never returned my calls and has completely dropped out of my life. Her family says she is doing well. So should I just move on, or ask for my kidney back?


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