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A group of armed demonstrators carrying White Lives Matter signs staged a protest outside of the NAACP’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, on Sunday.

The group waved Confederate flags, brandished assault rifles, and chanted “White Lives Matter” during their demonstration aimed at Black Lives Matter movement supporters.

One demonstrator said the NAACP was selected because it’s “one of the most racist groups in America.”

Roland Martin spoke with Ken Reed, the lead activist of the White Lives Matter movement, about Sunday’s protest action and why the NAACP was targeted.

When asked why the White Lives Matter group decided to protest in a Black neighborhood in front of the NAACP, Reed said, “We chose the NAACP because the NAACP being one of the largest – if not the largest and oldest civil rights organizations in the United States – failed in holding Black Lives Matter accountable in condemning the actions that they’ve done.” 

Martin challenged Reed to expound upon the alleged “actions,” to which the White Lives Matter activist responded: “Calling for pigs in a blanket, the attacking of White people up in Milwaukee where a Black cop killed a Black suspect, a Black criminal, and they attacked White people for that.”

Reed continued, “You can go online and see #BlackLivesMatter and plenty of threats towards White people.

“We went to Dallas last month and there was Black Lives Matter protesters there and they threatened to kill us. They threw rocks at us, they spit [at] us, and they threatened to rape the women that were with us.”

Later during their tense debate, Reed expounded on his reasoning: “My point of going to the NAACP is because if they are going to be a civil rights organization and stand up for their people, as it says National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, they should also hold their people and their communities accountable for negative actions and behavior.”

As Martin took Reed to school on the Black Lives Matter movement and the work the NAACP has done that benefits both White and Black Americans, Martin asked the protesters activist if he held a rally condemning the students at the University of Kentucky who rioted after losing the NAACP Championship.

Reed said, “I called them idiots.”

He added there is a difference between the rioting conducted by the University of Kentucky students and the alleged looting by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. The difference being: the Kentucky riots weren’t “based on racial hatred.”

“If they were out there screaming ‘kill colored people’ or ‘kill the n-word’ or ‘kill blackie,’ I would have been out there protesting against that, because I’m against that type of behavior.”

Reed added, “They were out there being stupid and idiotic, but the Black Lives Matter and those activists are targeting people based on the color of their skin.”

Watch Roland Martin and Ken Reed spar over the Black and White Lives Matter Movements in the video clip above.


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