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Subject: Busted and disgusted

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 48 year old woman that has been married for 17 years. When we got married, I had two small children from another marriage and he took them in as his own and we had three more together. I used to be very attracted to him sexually. He has always worked in fast food but it was enough to pay the bills. We also had child support from my first two children and that went into the family income. In the last five years, we have lost our home and moved into the raggedyest rental that I am always fixing. Every time I get a car, he ends up finding a way to take it from me. One time, he allowed some woman to drive his car and she set it on fire. Now my children are older and we don’t get the child support anymore. All of the bills are always behind. We have a title loan out on our car and we have to hide it in the garage so it won’t be repossessed. Our accounts are always negative. The heat is often off and I have to chop wood to heat the house. Recently, I ran into an ex and we rekindled feelings and now everything at home is so much worse. My husband knows about me seeing my ex and even offered to let me sleep with him, as long as I don’t divorce him. My husband has now become very possessive and wants me to have sex with him all the time. He also doesn’t like to take showers. He prefers to take bird baths and I can’t take it. I am totally disgusted by him, but he is not a bad person. He just can’t get right. I want to leave, but I haven’t worked in a long time and because I don’t have a car, I can’t get to work. I have a chance to leave him and move to another state and live with family, but I will feel guilty for leaving the children behind. What do I do?


Busted and disgusted

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