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Subject: Feeling Disrespected

Can men have a close relationship with an ex with no strings attached?

Hello Steve & Shirley I would like to know what would you have done if your husband took his ex-girlfriend on a trip to Las Vegas for her birthday and for my birthday he spent a total of $60 on me. This ex-girlfriend is supposed to be a good friend who dates women now. They were gone for three nights and slept in the same bed! He went anyway knowing that I knew who he was taking. He kept saying he was going for a training session for work and she was just passing through and I was just being insecure and I should trust him. I’ve never felt so disrespected in my life and we all are supposed to be Christians. He is a well-respected deacon in church and she still belongs to the church also. You don’t know how it is to face this woman still hold my head up high also I was three-month pregnant at the time. This woman has been in our marriage from day one. An ex is just what it is Excommunication, ex everything! I love him so much and because of the grace of God and my relationship with God and the vows I took with this man I couldn’t walk away. I have forgiven him but I cannot forget every time I see this woman how my husband puts her feelings before mine. What should I have done in this situation? My family said I was crazy I know you’re going to tell me some real talk!


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