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Trying to lose weight or get in shape? Check out these tips for setting a strong foundation to begin your journey:

  • Find your motivation. Whether you’re trying to get in shape for a photo shoot, wedding, participating in an office weight loss challenge or just doing it for your personal health, it is important to establish your “why?” This will keep you going when you feel like giving up.
  • Plan your meals. Despite popular belief, achieving success with weight managements has less to do with exercise and more to do with what you eat. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is an important part of the equation that provides MANY health benefits, but how you fuel your body will determine your energy levels and how you perform in the gym. Be sure to evaluate your current diet and make sure you’re fueling yourself with the proper nutrients.
  • Drink water…and LOTS of it. Not only is water critical for survival, it provides your body with hydration and helps flush out toxins. Water helps you feel fuller longer and can help prevent overeating as well. Additionally, if you replace sugary beverages like sodas with water, you’ll save yourself a LOT of calories.

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