Subject: Crushed and Broken

Dear Steve,

I need your advice from a male point of view. We’ve only been married since January 10 a month and 1/2 after I caught him cheating. He made up this story saying I cheated then left. He didn’t do cheat behind my back that time. He came back after talking with family that same night. Three weeks ago he left again this time while I’m at work. For two weeks I called and texted no response. When I stop crying and started snooping that’s when I call this number that was a reference on a job application that he filled out and there he was. He answered the phone and I said what are you doing? He said who is this and how did you get this number? I went from sad to furious in seconds and went off! I left a few messages letting him know now I know where to find you.

Steve I know I shouldn’t care but I’m hurt, I can’t eat, sleep, I have a child to raise I find myself snapping at my child I don’t know what to do? A few days later he sent me a text saying he’s in a shelter.


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