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Subject: My husband disappeared for five years

Hey Shirley and Steve, I have been married for 6 years, but my husband and I separated a year after we got married. After we got married, things went down the drain. My husband went to his friend’s bachelor party in Vegas and he never returned! I never divorced him because I felt like I could just ride it out. When we separated, I had nothing. He did not assist me with our child during the 5 years we were separated. He has not had a relationship with my daughter in all that time either. My mother took care of me for almost a year after we separated. Since then, I’ve rebuilt my life and I am exceptionally successful and stable now. We were young when we had our daughter and then we got married six months after she was born. I had to fight to make the marriage work. He didn’t. Now 5 years later, he has come crawling back, crying and begging to come back home. He is showing resentment for leaving us. He said he was possessed with infidelities and he could not help himself. He said he was not strong enough to spiritually fight the urges. He told me that he has had another child, a 3 year old. I’ve been living as a single woman for 5 years. He has been trying to be consistent since he has re-surfaced. He says his life has been a living hell since we split up. Maybe it’s him running game, but he says he wishes he would have grown up much sooner. People do change, right? I know I have every reason to just walk away. Should I give him a chance? I don’t know what to do.


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