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As women, we often take a toll on our hair. Whether applying heat, constant manipulation, or lack of moisture, at times, we aren’t too kind with our hair. As a result of the above, stress, playing rough or even dermalogical issues, shedding and hair loss may occur.

An au natural way to combat this?

A black tea rinse.

A black tea rinse is a wonderful treat for your tresses. The caffeine and antioxidants are a powerful reactor to the horomone, DHT, which is responsible for hair loss and shedding. No chemicals needed!

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I tried it myself and noticed a significant difference in my hair loss immediately. Like a 80% difference on my detangle two days later.

Recipe below:

1 black tea bag


Deep conditioner (I used Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Dream Come True Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque)

Spray Bottle

Boil the hot water and let tea steep for 4+ hours. Overnight is fine.

Place cooled tea in spray bottle.

Shampoo hair in warm water. (the warm water opens your pores). Part hair in medium sections and apply black tea to hair. Then apply deep conditioner (this step is important of else hair will come out very dry!). Let sit for 45 minutes to one hour. Wash out black tea and conditioner from hair.

Style as usual.

Black tea rinse recipe

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Voila! Beauties, will you try mother nature’s powerful potion that combats shedding?

Yes for thick, luscious hair!


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