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It’s always nice when exes can speak kindly of their past significant other, even years later. Such is the case with Bow Wow, regarding his relationship with Ciara. The couple dated as teenagers from ages 17-19, which was highly publicized by the single they had together, “Like You” in 2005.

The rapper/actor sat down with Vlad TV to talk about his career, Ciara, and dichotomy when co-parenting.

“When she drop ‘Goodies’ [is when they got serious,” he said. “How we met was crazy, because she was an extra in my tour— in the intro movie to my show. She was the girl sitting behind me in the classroom. And she had a two-way [pager] and I remember Jazzy was like, ‘I got this artist!’ I was like, ‘She’s cute of whatever, but I’m cool.’ We became cool, got each other numbers from there. To this day they’re super, super tight [Ciara and his mother].”

The talent talked about how he was resistant to claiming her as his girlfriend in the beginning. “I didn’t know I cared for her until I tried to play her. Being a dick, egotistic. She kind of boss’d up on me at a Jay Z concert. Then her record went No. 1. I remember Janet [Jackson] always telling me, ‘You know Bow, she’s a sweet girl. You should just try.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know.’ And Jermaine said, ‘It’s gonna take him seeing that girl with somebody else and he gon’ loose his f**king mind, Don’t tell him nothing.’ [chuckles] And that’s exactly how it happened.”



In regards to his thoughts on her now, over ten years later, he had on positive things to say. “I respect her so much and am so proud of her today. I’m really proud of her because I was there in the beginning. And she’s well deserved at everything she has right now. I’m very happy for her.”

Adding that he understands the complexity of her split with Future and custody issues. “It’s an unfortunate situation for both parties. Being a father myself, I understand how women can really get under your skin. They can play this game, in a system that’s designed in their favor… I think a lot of these women, not Ci(ara) because she doesn’t need the money, but I feel like a lot of these people rely on the system and a lot of these women think they can come up until they actually go in these courtrooms and it plays out the other way.”

“They have a beautiful healthy, baby boy. And hopefully within time, they can come to come sort of medium where everything will be everything.”

Like Ciara, Bow Wow has a young child as well with model turned designer, Joie Chavis. The pair went through the court system to iron things out in the beginning.

The 29-year-old added a nugget of wisdom to Ciara’s situation. “I hate to see couples or parents, have to go to court. it’s bullsh**. You spend so much unnecessary money on absolutely nothing, and this is the money I could have put away for my kid.”

Seems like the entertainer has learned a lot over the years, the hard way. Watch the video to hear his thoughts on Ciara’s new man, Russell Westbrook.


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