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After a few glasses of wine on girls night or, a few lattees in before your morning meeting, women are shamelessly talking about sex.

We cheer our friends on when they gets some after a drought and sit in awe of that one girlfriend who just tried some epic acrobatic tongue trick that made her man go off.

While we trade notes and tips between the ladies to take home to the bedroom, men are rarely invited into the conversation. Until now.

Our resident sex doctor Dr. Draion M. Burch offered us some candid advice on how to step our head game up ten fold.


Step 1:

Spontaneity. “It’s everything. Pull it out anywhere,” Dr. Drai told HB. Interrupting routine is the key to keeping the oral experience exciting.

“Pull it out anywhere, pull it out in the bathroom. In the car. He comes home from work, get to business,” he advised.

Step 2:

Hands On. “Start with the hand, to get it erect a little bit. Make sure you have lube because otherwise that can get painful” Drai explained. If your hands get tired, you can always use your boobs. One of the many great reasons to have them.

Step 3:

Play with it. Dr. Drai advised us to take some time before getting to the main event. “Before you put the tip or the head in your mouth, play all around with your tongue. Play with the shaft, play with the skin, play with his balls.”

Step 4.

Rolling in the deep. “When you’re ready, put it all in your mouth and go as deep as you can,” Dr. Drai says. Now, here’s a trick for our ladies who aren’t good at deep throating, the Doctor says to put the tip of your tongue at the roof of your mouth before inserting the penis, which gives the illusion that it’s hitting your throat.

Step 5.

Go for the prostate. “Put your fingertips underneath his balls between the anus and the testicles and press up. That stimulates the prostate gland,” he explains.

I know, I know, some of you just yelled FOUL PLAY at the thought of butt play. But this is a super erogenous zone for men. If you’re up for it, and your man is a little skiddish, Dr. Drai advises you to wait until he’s at the point of no return before touching his hot spot.

“Sometimes when men get so orgasmic, you can touch their prostate then because they will be more uninhibited.”

Step 6

In the zone. Men have hotspots that you may not even know about. Dr. Drai told us the raphe is that dark line that crosses through the middle of their ball sack. He explains licking that area is sure to give your man bliss. The rest of your man’s sex zones are for your to discover. “It could be the neck or the back of the ears, explore, try it out,” he says.

So, whose ready to put these tips into effect this week?

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