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Subject: I really can’t stand my husband

Dear Steve and Shirley, I have been married for 20 years and I don’t particularly care for my husband. I think he is an idiot and his communication skills are deplorable! When we are talking, he gives random responses that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. This is embarrassing when we are among friends. He always tries to finish my sentences and is always wrong with his thoughts. He is also very secretive about money. He has money when other people ask for it, but when I ask for it, he says he’s broke. My husband is not a thoughtful man. For example, we went away on a weekend getaway and he left me in the car while he ran into the store. He was gone for over 30 minutes. I tried calling and texting… no response. So, I got out of car and went inside and there he was, standing there talking to the cashier, with his cell phone in his hand. I lost it! There have also been times that I have called him on his cell phone and he didn’t answer and later told me that he did not think it was important. There is nothing more attractive to me than a man who is thoughtful, can hold an intelligent conversation and has common sense. Am I making too much out of this? How do I have an intelligent conversation with him about his ways, without getting into an argument? P.S., I am only staying in this marriage for financial reasons, as I am currently unemployed.


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