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From Mariah shading Nicki Minaj to Mariah shading Whitney Houston and Whitney Houston shading Mariah right back, here’s a definitive list of her shadiest moments.

9. That time she shaded Christina Aguilera because being shady is fun.

8. That time she held a seminar of shade under a patch of palm trees for Ariana Grande

And here:

7. This whole damn interview with Whitney Houston on “Oprah”

6. That time she paid Madonna dust

5. The first time she said she didn’t know J. Lo


4. That time one of her backup singers sung the wrong note on “SNL” (2:20 mark)

If looks could kill.

3. That time she shaded Nicki Minaj on Barbara Walters

“I didn’t know she sang, I thought she rapped.”

And here:

Oh, and here:

2. That time she came for Celine Dion for singing over Aretha Franklin

1. That time Andy Cohen asked her to say 3 nice things about Eminem and she cleverly responded:

Well played Mariah. Well played.

Or that time she made a whole song “not about him”

And there you have it folks.


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