Subject: Turning them down nicely

Dear Steve and Shirley, my question is simple… I want to know how you reject a man’s advances without making him angry with you?  My past experience has been that whenever I reject a man’s advances, he becomes angry. If it is a co-worker, I have to deal with him being short or not speaking and there is no friendship left. Lately a co-worker has been pursuing me. He’s a nice guy and I enjoy talking to him but I am not interested in anything more than friendship. I am recently divorced and still trying to work out my own emotions. Even when I do become straight, this man does not have a chance, but he’s always asking for my number. How do I get him to understand that he does not have a chance in a way that doesn’t demean, belittle him, or hurt his feelings?  Is it possible to continue to be job buddies and that’s it? By the way, I absolutely love your advice. Your book and your advice has helped me tremendously with my relationships with men. This is coming from a girl with no brothers and a father who did not discuss such things with her. Thank you very much!


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